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About Politics in Spires (OXPOL)

Welcome to Politics in Spires, it was a collaborative effort between the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford and the Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge. they created Politics in Spires with the intent to share, amongst ourselves and with a wider community, thoughts on politics and international relations from scholars at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. They aim to promote and disseminate there research, to engage in scholarly debate on current affairs, addressing topical issues in a timely fashion.

They wanted to encourage free expression and invite critical exchange of ideas in an informal environment, openly accessible to anyone. They therefore welcome and invite comments from many audiences: we would like to receive feedback on our ideas, to hear our audience’s opinions, and to promote frank and respectful debate around these topics.

editorial guidelines are available online.

The blog has an editorial team to monitor the blog and which will seek to ensure that appropriate editorial standards are maintained.

N.B. – The Open Learning section has moved. Please click here to view the Open Educational Resource learning tools developed by the Triton project.


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